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The Critical Book Series are Established in 2005 by The Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies(CCCS) at Shanghai University, the book series contains:Research Works, Forum of Thinking, Readers, Translation, Contemporary View and Critical Academics
  • Lu Xun and Yoshimi Takeuchi

    Lu Xun and Yoshimi Takeuchi《鲁迅与竹内好》 Edited by XUE Yi, SUN Xiaozhong First published by Shanghai bookstore, 2008


  • Contemporary East Asian Cities

    Contemporary East Asian Cities: New Cultures, New Ideologies 《当代东亚城市:新的文化和意识形态》 Edited by Stephen CHAN,WANG Xiaoming First published by Shanghai bookstore in June, 2008


  • The Rise of the Global Left

    “The Rise of the Global Left: The World Social Forum and Beyond” was translated into simplified Chinese in January 2013 by Shanghai People’s Publishing House


  • The Troubles of Urban Growth

    “The troubles of Urban growth” 《“城”长的烦恼》, edited by the Contemporary Cultural Studies website(当代文化研究网), first published by Shanghai bookstore in June, 2010