Established in November 2011, the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS),is the first leading institute for research, teaching and practical participation in Cultural Studies (Wénhuà Yánjiū 文化研究) in Mainland China ,...The Program in Cultural Studies was established on July 2004,. It has been the first organ for the teaching of Cultural Studies in Mainland China. As a cross-university research centre, Presently it has four full-time research fellows, as well as several part-time researchers from other [participant] universities, research institutions and social departments. The Centre encompasses agendas around literature, film, advertisement, education, media, community, urban architecture, gender and everyday life studies etc.
What is the function of culture during the booming of urban China? How to understand the effect of contemporary culture in the process of China’s social transition? Is such culture just the result of cultural industry in capitalism or does it have its own historical features in the context of China? These are the questions the Centre aims to answer.
In attempt to grasp the dominant culture and its mode of production of contemporary China, along with its diversified relationships with Chinese “Socialist History”, the Centre is currently focused on the cultural condition in the area of Shanghai and similar regions since 1990s, so as to provide a sort of constructive thinking for promoting the positive shift in Chinese culture.  

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Team Research Projects Currently in Progress:
1. Analysis of the Condition of Culture in the Area of Shanghai since the 1990s.
It involves multiple sub-projects, respectively related to the metropolitan real estate market and its advertising, media of televison, network literature, new workers' residential communities, workers' culture, middle and high school education.etc.
2. Analysis of the Everyday Life of [Chinese] Urban Youth.
Taking 25-41 years old urban young adults from the area of Shanghai as the research objects, it lays particular emphasis on the analysis of the economic aspects of their daily life along with its ideological connotations.
3. Re-thinking the Tradition of the 'Chinese Revolution'.
It mainly focuses on the movement/transformation of Chinese left wing/mainstream socialist thought, as well as on the multi-faceted social practices it promoted.

International Platform for Academic Exchange and Publications:
Forum on Social Thought.
Round-table academic lectures since 2001.
Every year numerous Chinese and foreign scholars are invited to deliver keynote lectures on special topics and to have dialogues with local academics and students. Inthe last ten years, the speeches have already been edited and published in The Methods and the Cases (2009), Life in the Post-American Era (2010), Thought and Culture in the Age of Transformation (2011).

2. Contemporary Cultural Studies Webpage (
Established in February 2003, it is currently the biggest web-portal dedicated to Cultural Studies in Mainland China.
3. Shanghai-Seoul Young Researchers' Forum.
A series of philosophical symposiums directed and hosted, in-turn, by our Centre and the Research Institute on East-Asian Studies of Sungkonghoe University, Korea; it invites young scholars from the two countries to share the common interest in socio-cultural issues, so as to strengthen the deep exchange of their ideas. The first forum was organized in 2004; since then, it is hosted every 2-3 years.
4. .Visiting Researcher Program
The Center started accepting visiting research proposals from foreign scholars in 2003. In the last 7 years, 8 scholars from the US., Japan, India and Korea have carried out their researches , and gave lectures about the results of their studies at our centre. Each visit lasts 6 to 12 months. .
5. “Bright Climes” Book Series.
It comprises five series of books: Hot Wind - Research Workshop Hot Wind – Forum, Hot Wind - Syllabus andCourse Study Pack, Hot Wind - Translation Series, Hot Wind - Contemporary Observation The publishing started in 2006.
6. Hot Wind Academic.
Series of books; publishing started in 2008. The main columns are:
Reading the Contemporary, Back to the Scene, Literature: Inside Out, Reinterpretations, Hot Wind – Survey, Theory – Translation.