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Refeng Xueshu Volume 10
关键词:Refeng Xueshu Volume 10
Refeng Xueshu adopts LU Xun s idea and spirit of "Refeng " to academically engage itself with the contemporary China It focuses on: 1) the dominant culture and the mechanism of its production in the contemporary China since the late 1980s, and 2) resources and conditions offered by Chinese histories from the 19th century to the 1970s

Refeng Xueshu Volume 10
Series: Refeng Xueshu
Editor: WANG Xiaoming, CAI Xiang
Publisher: Shanghai People Publishing House
Publication Date: 2016-07-20
In the volume, we have a special issue dedicated to the work of American cultural studies scholar Lawrence Grossberg, articles on the lives of factory workers in modern China, among other original contents. Together insightful editorials and afterword, we hope to enable a better understanding of the latest development of cultural studies as a subject, and of the shifting trends in culture and thoughts in China today.


Refeng Forum

Lawrence Grossberg: Make culture important, make culture political
TAO Dongfeng: Contextualization, articulation, and conjuncture
CHEN Jianhua: Complexity: a new model for cultural studies
LUO Gang: How does Cultural Studies face the challenges of “universality”?
NI Wei: how can cultural studies be “political”?
LUO Xiaoming: Contemporary applications of “structure of feeling”
SHAN Gu: How is “conjunctural knowledge” possible?
LEI Qili et al.: Creating another world
Theories & Translations (Special Issue: Lawrence Grossberg)

Lawrence Grossberg: The Victory of Culture
Lawrence Grossberg: Modernity and Commensuration: A reading of a contemporary (economic) crisis
LI Hui: The mission of Cultural Studies: the ability to understand the world and imagine alternatives—a reading of Cultural Studies outside of the academia through the lens of Lawrence Grossberg
ZHAO Zhiyong: The cultural practices of defending the rights and dignity of the underprivileged—Looking back at the Mulan community drama workshops for female factory workers
LUO Xiaoming: Taking part in the City: Some thoughts from citizen forums
GAO Ming: The active knowledge production of Cultural Studies
Inside & Outside the Text
CHEN Nianxi: Chen Nianxi’s poems
LIU Liduo: Compiling unofficial histories of the rural people
Refeng Observations

QUAN Guirong
JIA Xiaofei

Asia Vision
LEE Kwang Suk: The culture of labor migration among Freeters: The case of Seoul
LEE Dongyeon: The persisting anger of young people: The afterword of Subculture: Angry Youth