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Refeng Xueshu Volume 3
关键词:Refeng Xueshu Volume 3
Publication Date: 2009-10
Refeng Xueshu Volume 3
Series: Refeng Xueshu
Editor: WANG Xiaoming, CAI Xiang
Publisher: Shanghai People Publishing House
Publication Date: 2009-10
Refeng Xueshu adopts LU Xun's idea and spirit of "Refeng" to academically engage itself with the contemporary China.  It focuses on: 1) the dominant culture and the mechanism of its production in the contemporary China since the late 1980s, and 2) resources and conditions offered by Chinese histories from the 19th century to the 1970s.   The interaction between the dominant culture of contemporary China and the resource/condition set by Chinese histories has played a crucial role in the social and cultural reproduction of contemporary China.
This volume focuses on understandings and analyses of histories and experiences of socialism.  In recent two years the study on issues in the 1970s and the 1980s has been very popular in academia, so the volume tries to understand these studies—e.g., who study and how to study—and attempts to respond to those issues concerned through analyses of memories about these periods from the perspective of the “marginal” and practices in the everyday life.


Reading Our Time
HE Xuefeng: Why do those rural elderly people choose to commit suicide—A survey in rural villages at Jingshan county, Hubei province
YANG Hua: An investigation of the changing relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to look at the transformation of social and family structure
LIU Yanwu: The transformation of the conjugal relationship and the family structure—A survey in the divorce phenomena in the E village at Jingshan county, Hubei province
GUO Jun-xia: The spread of Christianity in the Sha village
SONG Lina: Religious beliefs of peasants at the Suo village
YUAN Song: “Face” competition and peasants’ understanding of the world—A perspective from the mobility in villages.
LEE Yang: The identity of “peasants” and the rural culture

QIAN Li-Qun: SHEN Congwen after the year 1949
Inside & Outside Literature

WANG Qitao: Break the historical siege of “ethic and moral predicaments”—Untangle sexuality and the national identity in Lust/Caution
LU Yong-lin: “We” and WM (Wo Men)
Returning to the Scene

ZHU Hong-zhao: Democracy at Yan An
Memories of the Marginal

WU Fang-gui & WU Zifeng: From collective production (Ji Ti Sheng Chan) to individual farming (Fen Tian Dan Gan)
YU Hua-ping & YU Liang: Yu Shifu’s literary life (1976-1980)
SUN Wei: A story about the return to town
YU Li-ping & QIAO Huanjiang: “A Step Away”
XIA Yi-Wei: Her 1976-1980
ZHANG Ping-jin: The everyday life that changed the contemporary
Refeng Forum

HUI Po-Keung: Financial tsunami and our future
Translations & Theories
XIAO Juan: Inquire into the root of the financial crisis—Professor Wade and his researches
Robert Wade:  The first-world debt crisis of 2007-2010 in global perspective
Robert Wade:  Financial regime change?
Robert Wade:  A new global financial architecture?