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Refeng Xueshu Volume 1
关键词:Refeng Xueshu Volume 1
Publication Date: 2008-03

Refeng Xueshu Volume 1
Series: Refeng Xueshu
Editor: WANG Xiaoming, CAI Xiang
Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press
Publication Date: 2008-03


Refeng Xueshu adopts LU Xun's idea and spirit of "Refeng" to academically engage itself with the contemporary China.  It focuses on: 1) the dominant culture and the mechanism of its production in the contemporary China since the late 1980s, and 2) resources and conditions offered by Chinese histories from the 19th century to the 1970s.   The interaction between the dominant culture of contemporary China and the resource/condition set by Chinese histories has played a crucial role in the social and cultural reproduction of contemporary China.


Reading Our Time

WANG Xiaoming: From architecture to advertisement—The transformation of Shanghai city space in the recent 15 years
HUI Pokeung: Evaluate the dilemma and solution of Hong Kong financial real-estate structure in the context of Asia financial crisis
LEE Yuying: “Imagined Europe” —Taiwan real-estate advertisement and symbol consumption
Returning to the Scene

CHEN Yinfang: Space and society: City transformation as a socialist practice—the example of the Shanghai slum dweller district (1949-1979)
YUAN Jin & WANG Youfu: A brief study of labour material life in the 1950s—A worker from the steel industry as an example
DING Yunliang: Culture denouncements—The speech politics of Shanghai labours in the 1950s

ZHANG Xudong: The allegory of the social scene—An interpretation of CHEN Kaige’s Haiziwang
CHENG Guangwei: The “regeneration” of revolution literature—The contradictive relations between WANG Meng’s “Author Statement” and his fiction Buli
DONG Zhilin: The variation of the “Still Life Drawings” —Two female writers in the period of “17-year-literature” (1949-1966)

WEN Tiejun: The reform stories: Part one
Theories & Translations (Contributing Editor: Jon Solomon)

Jon Solomon: Era of innovation
Jon Solomon: Multitudes: Decision, plasticity, and image in the political subject-to-come
Brian Holmes, LI Haixia tr.: The flexible personality for a new cultural critique
Maurizio Lazzarato, LI Yang tr.: From biopower to biopolitics
Yoshihiko Ichida, Maurizio Lazzarato, François Matheron, Yann Moulier Boutang, YUAN Meifen tr.: The politics of multitudes
Maurizio Lazzarato Interviews Paolo Virno, LI Chen tr.: Multitude and working class