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Refeng Xueshu Volume 6
关键词:Refeng Xueshu Volume 6
Publication Date: 2012-06-01

Refeng Xueshu Volume 6
Series: Refeng Xueshu
Editor: WANG Xiaoming, CAI Xiang
Publisher: Shanghai People Publishing House
Publication Date: 2012-06-01
Refeng Xueshu adopts LU Xun's idea and spirit of "Refeng" to academically engage itself with the contemporary China.  It focuses on: 1) the dominant culture and the mechanism of its production in the contemporary China since the late 1980s, and 2) resources and conditions offered by Chinese histories from the 19th century to the 1970s.   The interaction between the dominant culture of contemporary China and the resource/condition set by Chinese histories has played a crucial role in the social and cultural reproduction of contemporary China.


Reading Our Time

BAI Lu: Asia, re-regionalization, gender, and intellectual work
Mary E. John: Colonialism, Nationalism, and post-Nationalism—a genealogy of Indian Feminism
MIN Dong-Chao: When the Western Heaven meets the Middle Kingdom: a comparative study of the problems facing female political participation in China and India
ZHANG Lianhong: “Lifeworld”, “female liberation”, and “delicate revolution”
JIN Yihong: The study of the new urban poor from a gender perspective
SONG Shaopeng: Going home, or being sent home?
ZHU Shanjie: Reconfiguring the relationship between Feminism and left-wing thoughts
Refeng Forum

CHOI Wonshik:  The complementary evolutions of large countries and small countries
Response: YIN Choon-sung, CHEN Kuan-Hsing, WANG Zhong Chen, LUO Gang

WANG Xiaoping: A homeless soul and misplaced nostalgia—the experience of exile and Xiao Hong’s Diasporic Literature
WANG Yuping: “The third type of Person” and “the fellow traveler”—revisiting the debate on “literary and artistic freedom” in the 1930s
Inside & Outside the Text

ZHU Yu: Labour, beauty, and nature—revisiting some central questions in Chinese Aesthetics
YU Liang: The Big Factory’s “Dream of Red Chamber”—the novel Cold Fire (leng huo) and the factory memories of the 1970s
Theories & Translations

ZHU Shengjian: Foreword
ZHU Shengjian: On reconstructing a labor-centric value system
Sean Sayers: The concept of labor: Marx and his Critics
Richard Hoggart: Who are “the working-classes”?
Richard Hoggart: The uses of literacy (Conclusion)