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Sun Ge
Sun Ge is a Researcher (Professor) and the Assistant Director of the Research Group in the Comparative Literature Group at the Literature Research Institute of the China Academy of Social Studies, in Beijing China. A academic of standing since 1988 in the People’s Republic of China, Dr. Sun received an additional Ph.D. in Politics and Law in 2003, from Tokyo Metropolitan University, in Tokyo Japan. Professor Sun is a prominent figure in Critical Asian Studies and Comparative History of Ideas. Building arguments around the dilemma that narrates Asia in the context of modernity and globalization, her essays directly deal with a series of contemporary provocative issues, such as Japanese right wing history textbooks, assessment of the Nanjing atrocities, official visits to Yasukuni Shrine, and the lawsuits against veteran witness Shiro Azuma. These essays have made great impacts in China, Japan, Taiwan and Kor...