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2018 Cultural Studies Conference
August 12th-15th 2018 @SHANGHAI
The 12th Association for Cultural Studies “Crossroads in Cultural Studies” conference will be held in Shanghai ,from August 12th to 15th 2018. It is the first time for it to come to Mainland China. Hosted by Shanghai University, Crossroads 2018 will bring scholars together in the beautiful summertime to engage with the past, present and future of cultural studies scholarship.

The Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference has played an important role in the creation of a global discussion of Cultural Studies. It has become a major international conference where scholars from all five continents gather regularly to exchange research, views, and insights. Organized by the Association for Cultural Studies (ACS), the Crossroads conference is held every other year in different parts of the world. Previous conferences have taken place in Sydney (Australia), Birmingham (United Kingdom), Urbana-Champaign (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Kingston (Jamaica), Hong Kong (China), Paris (France), and Tampere (Finland).

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