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How to Submit Your Proposal?
ACS is delighted to announce that the website for Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference 2018 is now open


You may submit pre-organized panel proposals or individual paper proposals. Proposals must be submitted through the “Easy Chair” online system, this means that if you do not already have an “Easy Chair” account from a previous conference you will need to create one.
 Please note  
  • Panel duration: 90 minutes

  • Optimal number of presentations per panel: 4

  • Presentation duration: Not exceeding 20 minutes per paper

  • Panel format: presentation of individual papers followed by discussion and Q&A.  

  • Other panel formats may also be used if suitable.

Submit your proposal using the online forms before 24:00 December 20th, 2017 (Beijing Time) 

Submit your  proposal here                                                                            
For Conference:  
For Pre-conference:
More details can be found in Submission Guidelines. Please note that pre-organized panel proposals are preferred in both conference and pre-conference, and 24:00, Dec. 20th, 2017 (Beijing Time) is the deadline of submission.


ACS assistance scheme for Crossroads 2018: The Association for Cultural Studies will offer a small number of grants to assist participants from ACS under-represented regions with travel accommodation or registration expenses.

Information on keynote and plenary speakers, on registration and accommodation, and on the student pre-conference will follow soon.

Spread the news! Please forward this message to your colleagues and friends, and we look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

Suggested topics

The conference is open to all topics relevant to cultural studies. Here are some suggested topics as food for thought, drawing on the work of our invited keynote, plenary and spotlight speakers, and on more general themes in cultural studies research. However, all contemporary cultural studies research is welcome at this conference:

Relationships between the urban and the rural

Political/cultural unconscious of the youth

Ideas and practices for the alternative

 Knowledge production and its transformation

Rethinking university and the academic community

Return to the communities

Human/non-human relations

Working class and the intellectual proletariat

Green culture/economy  

Gender identity

Creative industry and cultural economy

Labour right and robot

Political and technical dimensions of “post-truth”

Practices of space

Food sovereignty, safety and quality

Redefinition of economy

Cultural citizenship

New media and new politics

Law and everyday-life rationality 

Immaterial labour and intellectual property

Rethinking time in the digital era

Regional cultural traditions and global mainstream culture

Borders and mobilities

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