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Refeng Xueshu Volume 8
Publication Date: 2015-05-20

Refeng Xueshu Volume 8
Series: Refeng Xueshu
Editor: WANG Xiaoming, CAI Xiang
Publisher: Shanghai People Publishing House
Publication Date: 2015-05-20

This volume, which contains 300,000 Chinese characters, includes exceptional articles about the contemporary Chinese rural construction movement, collections of local cultural material from different regions of China, interviews with model workers of the People’s Republic, studies of popular music culture, and the frontiers of critical cultural theory. These are accompanied by a special report entitled “The two-way break breakthrough in Cultural Studies,” which introduces the seminar on “Cultural Studies Publishing and Propagation,” in addition to an afterword. From these articles, we can understand the latest developments in the emerging interdisciplinary field of cultural studies, and the latest trends in the changes in contemporary Chinese thought and culture. We believe that the discussions of social and cultural points of interest in this book will lead readers to read and reflect even further.


Reading Our Time

PAN Jia’en: True “prejudice” and the effects of “set views”—the case of Yan Yangchu Rural Reconstruction College in media discourse
LU Yao-Chung &WANG Zhuowei: Ten years of creating the Togo Rural Village Art Museum
HUNG Hsin-Lan & CHANG Cheng-Yang: “The countryside is a school”: The theory and practice of Chi-Mei Community College in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
SIT TSUI: The crisis of globalization and the rural reconstruction movement
Refeng Observations

WANG Leiguang: Subaltern writings
PAN Xiaoting: My road to public interest
HUANG Zhiyou: Reflections on sustainable life
WANG Xiaoming: Reflections on E prefecture
Returning to the Scene

DONG Limin & GUO Lijun: “I am always loyal to Chairman Mao, always dedicated to work”—The oral record of model worker Yi Shijuan
MA Chunhua: “Workers have never had it easy”—The oral history of county seat working woman Zhang Yuqing
GUO Lijun: “How can a chicken feather fly up to heaven?”—The oral history of model worker Wu Peifang
WEN Guiliang: Workers’ narratives in the post-socialist era—A discussion of Guan Xinsheng and Guan Yancao’s novel Worker (Gongren)
YANG Kelun: Studying labor—The movement to integrate education and productive labor in Shanghai during the Great Leap Forward (1958-1961)
Inside & Outside the Text

SAKAI Hirobumi: Strictly rejected ‘narratives’—Nobuyasu Okabayashi, Zhang Chengzhi, or the shadow of Asia
HUANG Weizi: Reconstructing the East: the cultural politics of “Chinese style” New Age music
XU Daoheng: Unknowns in the era of “building collapse”—Starting from a song and poster by the band Omnipotent Youth Society
Refeng Forum

KARATANI Kojin: The structural repetition of world history
Theories & Translations
HUI Yuk: Stiegler: Philosophy as weapon
Bernard Stiegler, (translated by HUI Yuk, proofread by WANG Shuliu): Of symbolic misery, the control of affects, and the shame that follows
(Translated by HUI Yuk, proofread by WANG Shuliu): Philosophy and technology—A special report on an interview between Eli During and Bernard Stiegler
Special Report

ZHU Shanjie: The “two-way breakthrough” of Cultural Studies