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Refeng Xueshu Volume 4
Publication Date: 2010-08-01

Refeng Xueshu Volume 4
Series: Refeng Xueshu
Editor: WANG Xiaoming, CAI Xiang
Publisher: Shanghai People Publishing House
Publication Date: 2010-08-01
Refeng Xueshu insists on the interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches and devotes itself to the construction of a public platform for interactions among studies on contemporary societies, histories, politics, economics, literature, cultures, etc.  Through these efforts of interdisciplinary interactions, we hope to discover the key problems in the contemporary China and further provide thoughtful, rigorous, and practical academic insights.


Reading Our Time: Education

CHAN Stephen Ching-Kiu & HUI Po-Keung: Cultural studies through education—Moments of pedagogy and pragmatics
Ned Rossiter: The informational university, the uneven distribution of expertise and the racialization of labor
LUO Xiaoming: Disguise of “social life”—Thinking about the curriculum reform
JI Feng: The self-statement of the high school education—some reflections on “disguise of ‘social life’”
Returning to the Scene

LUO Gang & LI Yun “Shanghai” as a “socialist city” and the reproduction of spaces—“inter-reading” of “urban text” and “media text”

CHENG Guangwei: “The sociology of literature” in the literary study in the 1980s
YANG Qing-xiang: The production and its constitution of TANG Tao’s version of Chinese Modern Literary History
HUANG Ping: JIA Pingwa and the “Xungen Movement” in the 1980s
YU Jinxing: This “Fu Kui”—re-read The Last Angler
Inside & Outside Literature

ZHANG Huiyu: Remuneration of historical memories and interpellation of new historical subject
LENG Jia: The family revolution and the reconstruction of the ethics—an investigation of thought in late Qing
Refeng Observations

LIN Hanfei: One year in Tibet—the life of being a university student volunteer in Tibet
LIU Dan: If I have chances, I will be the volunteer in Tibet again
XIN Yunhui: A decision of going to Tibet changes my life
GAO Xiang: What does a volunteer learn in the plan of “Service in Western China”
Chun Chun et al.: Stories of five university student volunteers in Tibet
Refeng Forum
The reason for the financial crisis and how it will be overcome
Gilles Saint-Paul: The crisis and the evolution of global capitalism
XU Chenggang: Recovery of financial responsibility
Yann Moulier-Boutang: “externalization”, risk and the contemporary financial crisis
LU Ming: When urbanization encounters globalization—an understanding of the global imbalance
Jakob Arnoldi:  The social role of Chinese financial expertise
CUI Zhiyuan: The meaning of Chongqing model
The imagination of the world in the post-financial crisis era
Ulrich Beck: Imagined communities of global risk
WANG Hui: The end of “the 90s”
Theories & Translations

Sakai Hirobumi: For the beginning of the conversation around “Modern”
Kato Shuichi: Hybridity of Japanese culture (excerpt)
Ara Masahito: If LU Xun is still alive—Based on the self-analysis of LU Xun
Sato Tadao: About smile—Yoshiharu Tsuge and his works
Okamoto Keitoku: The horizontal way of thinking—the “Community Consciousness” of Okinawa
Osamu Yakabi: Penetrate through one’s self-thoughts—Response to Okamoto’s “The Horizontal Way of Thinking”