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Refeng Xueshu Volume 2
Publication Date: 2009-03

Refeng Xueshu Volume 2
Series: Refeng Xueshu
Editor: WANG Xiaoming, CAI Xiang
Publisher: Shanghai People Publishing House
Publication Date: 2009-03


Refeng Xueshu insists on the interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches and devotes itself to the construction of a public platform for interactions among studies on contemporary societies, histories, politics, economics, literature, cultures, etc.  Through these efforts of interdisciplinary interactions, we hope to discover the key problems in the contemporary China and further provide thoughtful, rigorous, and practical academic insights.
This volume “Refeng Observations” takes the viewpoint towards the social transformation as a result of the earthquake of “5.12.” “Translations & Theories” introduces Partha Chatterjee’s ideas and works.  Refeng Xueshu provides a platform for dialogs, encounters, and interactions between theories in order to formulate new theories and study paradigms.


Reading Our Time—Media Studies

XUN Wei: The implication of entertainment-orientated media: interpretation of contemporary China reality television
ZHANG Lei: The deficiency of cultural capital—A study of the popular media usage by poverty groups in Beijing urban district
NIAN Yunchao: How does the media construct our lives—The operation of a city real estate business as an example
Returning to the Scene

ZHANG Lianhong: From “local plays” to “model plays”: The cultural politics of Shajiabing’s adaptation
ZHANG Shuoguo: A study of the distribution and screening of Shanghai film industry in the early liberated period

WU Xiaodong: The form of space filled by memories: balcony and the meaning production of Eileen Cheng’s fictions
CAI Xiang: The subject narratives of the “technology transformation” and the working class
Refeng Observations 

WANG Xiaoming: Interview of the disaster of Mianzhu county X town
YU Liang: A portray of volunteers in Sichuan’s disaster areas
LUO Xiaoming: Post-earthquake lives in Hongbai town
QIU Xuesong: On the road back to the earthquake disaster area
Theories & Translations

Partha Chatterjee, NI Wei tr.: Nationalism as a problem of the history of political ideas
Partha Chatterjee, ZHANG Jianqin tr.: Peasant cultures of the twenty-first Century
LAU Kin-chi: Gandhi’s idea and practice—deliberation with Prof. Chatterjee
SUN Ge: Response to Partha Chatterjee’s speech
Hilmar Farid, ZHANG Jianqin tr.: Seeking for a new common space