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WEN Tiejun

WEN Tiejun is a renowned expert on sustainable social and economic development and rural issues, especially in studies of the Three Rural Issues (or San Nong, in Chinese 三农, referring to agriculture, rural areas and farmers) . He is the Executive Dean in the Institute of Advanced Studies for Sustainability, Renmin University of China.

Wen is author of the influential best-selling work, Eight Crises: Lessons from China, 1949-2009, in which he argues that the 8 economic crises that took place after the founding of PRC are all affected by the national industrialization process. With the tension between the urban and the rural, the cost of industrialization, urbanization and structural reform was transferred to the Three Rural Issues. His studies also include newly rising issues on migrant workers from the rural areas, land circulation and non-farm work on farmlands . As agricultural economist, Wen Tiejun wins his fame not only as a theory maker, but also as the introducer and supporter of China’s Community Supported Agriculture.

Conference abstract

The Challenge of Global Crisis and China’s Strategy of Rural Revitalization

People generally know about the global crises, but do not quite understand how & why China can deal with it. China’s policy to counter the crisis relies on maintaining investment-led growth for 20 years, which however has incurred an over-expansion of credits and serious debts which are similar to those of the West entering the era of financial capitalism. Now, the biggest question for humanity is not the worsening global capitalist crisis of the 21st century, but whether China can deploy the strategy of rural revitalization based on is traditional culture to turn to ecological civilization.